About the Label:

Emitter Micro is a reduced label of sound.

Releases are generally commissioned and artists are encouraged to produce a piece that is outside of their usual practices and habits. Special attention is given to the medium and packaging. Releases are preferably unique or extremely limited objects.

About the Festival:

Emitter Micro #6 in 2023 featured Andreas Voccia / Julie Rousse / Marco Donnarumma and took place at Petersburg Art Space Berlin.

Emitter Micro #5 in 2019 featured Boris Hegenbart, Olaf Hochherz, crys cole and took place at KM28 Berlin.

Emitter Micro #4 in  2017 was held in Ausland Berlin, Kino Zukunft and Spektrum and featured Hsiao Li Chi, Cao Thanh Lan, Ute Wassermann, Richard Garet, Jealousy Party, John Bock, Botborg and others.

Emitter Micro 2015 featured Frank Bretschneider, Jakob Kirkegaard, Jim Haynes, Niko LFO and others and took place at NK, Ausland and the Taborkirche Berlin.

Emitter Micro Festival 2013 was held in three different locations in Berlin and  featured artists like Phill Niblock, Thomas Ankersmit, Kim Cascone, Peter Cusack, and more. More info on the Festival page.

Emitter Micro Festival’s first edition was in 2011, and featured performances by Andy Moor+Anne-James Chaton, Tony Buck+Magda Mayas, Rinus Van Alebeek and more.

About the Curators:

Emitter Micro Label and Festival run by Kris Limbach, Pierce Warnecke and Seiji Morimoto from Emitter19 Studios in Berlin (Kiefholz Str. 19 Alt-Treptow).

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