Hanz ■ Memorial


 experimental electronics / generative composition
[concept, composition, programming, production, no-input mixer]
Berlin, 2010-present

Hanz ■ Memorial entangles rough abstract noise and whittled sound design within a generative structure embracing several scenarios.

The sonic material of Hanz ■ Memorial assimilates rare musical footage from the body of work of forgotten avant-garde musique concrète artist Hans Nibler – alternatively known as HanZ (Z as a tilted N) . The generative composition emphasize Hans Nibler’s research and applications in music of cybernetics’ circular causality, self-regulative systems and self-referential objects.

The abstract sounds resulting are to put in perspective to the electroacoustic and musique concrète avant-garde and furthermore to contemporary electronic music and computational art.

Hanz ■ Memorial appears as an homage to the electroacoustic avant-garde and electronic music pioneers as well as an original reflection on generative and contemporary electronic composition. Combining the use of powerful computer tools for programming and production, concepts from contemporary music and DIY process, Hanz ■ Memorial esthetically unveil a fragile thread stretched between rough abstract noise and beautiful sound design within a generative structure responding to several scenarios.




 limited to 3×30 editions

Behind the project Hanz ■ Memorial lies a curative investigation on the (fictive) musical archives from composer Hans Nibler whose field of research covered cybernetics, self-regulatory systems and self-referential objects and dynamics of quantum mechanics applied to sound in a very much musique concrete fashion. The generative composition Hanz Memorial 0.1 is the creative outcome of this in vestigation. It comes together on the USB stick with a collection of short pieces by Hans Nibler named Meta-Praxis Theory, and a sonic excerpt of the composition.
The original material was first edited out of hours of recordings during a residency at emitter19 studios Berlin in September 2012 where technical support from Pierce Warnecke was an essential push to the development of the generative patch. Baptiste Caramiaux took some time out of his post-doctoral research at Goldsmith University to put his touch in the compilation of the patch as an executable app. The unique concrete USB flash drives were manufactured in Berlin courtesy of KIXBERLIN.


Nicolas Lefort (a.k.a. Niko LFO) is multi-facets sound artist and musician based in Berlin. Appart from being behind the concept of Hanz ■ Memorial, he is producer of the industrial noise club sound of Shaddah Tuum and of the dark psychedelic unit named reliq, co-curates the artist collective and label Portals Editions, is designing, programming as well and composing for the SUM controller with Jonas Hummel and is half of the multi-instrumental noise-improv project Tronc. Since 2014, he also studies and works with Alberto de Campo in the time based media -Generative Art program at the University of Arts in Berlin. After a personal trajectory through different domains of music, mostly improvisational, Nicolas Lefort arrived to the field of generative composition approaching sound as matter. While constructing puzzling relations between sound, space, objects and architectures, Lefort digs a sonic path downwards to explore matter in its full potentiality: not as an inanimate blob of meaningless carcasses,
but as a lively embodiment of virtualities, complex causalities, unceasing transformation.


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