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Schneider TM + Kptmichigan + Mek Obaam (Trio)

by emittermicro

Schneider TM + Kptmichigan + Mek Obaam (Trio) used to be the regular band for the long Schneider TM tours during the City Slang period, playing, de- & reconstructing the material from albums like Moist, Binokular, Zoomer & Skoda Mluvit. This improv set with 2 guitars + electronic drums will be the first time in 7 years that this trio plays together again.

Schneider TM is a multidimensional music project from Dirk Dresselhaus, named after his nickname Schneider. For a while now, Dirk has also been moving Schneider TM in the direction of instantly composed freeform music, employing varying instruments including guitar, electronics, balaphon as well as field recordings.


Jochen Arbeit performing with Hopek Quirin

by emittermicro

With their performance ‘Reconstruction of the Feedback Ink Bar’, Jochen Arbeit and Hopek Quirin will undertake, by a kind of sonic archaeology, a restoration of the infamous, and now defunct Vancouver Bar of the 80’s. Jochen Arbeit plays guitar and effects; Hopek Quirin plays bass, effects and microcassettes.

Kim Cascone at Emitter Micro 2013

by emittermicro

Kim Cascone will be performing his unique “Dark Stations” piece at Emitter Micro 2013. “Dark Stations” is a forty-two minute work utilizing Schumann resonances, spricom frequencies, binaural and monaural beat frequencies and spatial effects to induce an altered state in the listener. The event’s structure is derived from the Fibonacci series.

The audience sits in the center of the triangle and is invited to meditate during the event.


“Dark Stations” is an acoustic mirror, a reflecting pool bringing the audience’s unconscious to the surface through the technique of entrainment, allowing them to project onto the sonic gauze. “Dark Stations” could be likened to a scrying mirror into which the viewers unconscious is projected then reflected back to them.

Kim Cascone will perform on the last day of the festival, May 11th, at Ausland.