Here are additional projects associated to Emitter19 Studios and the Emitter Micro festival and label.


(coming soon!) XQX – NEXT QUASI COMPLEX


Programme performed and arranged by Next Quasi Complex

released by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walter König

(c)(p) John Bock & Kris Limbach

White Vinyl, gatefold 180g, 250 copies

for pre-order (19€) get in touch!



“Kein Zurück”

vhs multiple -4 hours of music and glowing darkness – silkscreen print and poster

by Miguel A. Garcia Kris Limbach, Kerstin Podbiel

Fotos by Thomas Peter & Olmo Calvo Rodriguez


Available from Staalplaat




by Pierce Warnecke

Available from Qwartz Music

Textures Box Version (edit) from Pierce Warnecke on Vimeo.


DSCN0187 DSCN0191



“Sonic Landscape Interventions”

by Kris Limbach

[SOLD OUT]Available from Rumpsti Pumsti & Staalplaat

tumblr_me98f12hum1qg4e4uo1_1280 (1)

Sound-Box / Art-Multiple by Berlin based sound-artist Kris Limbach. Edition of 20 numbered and signed boxes, with CD, booklet, and found object. Each box and object is different

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Sonic Landscape Interventions